Delay’s Promise

Ode to the two hour delay:

How you do tease me with your promises of extra time, extra moments, extra sleep, and a bigger chance at a calm beginning to our day.

The children will be excited, the mother may linger in bed a few moments or have a second cup of hot coffee, while the father still goes about normal morning chores, but with the addition of digging out the cars and shoveling the walkway.

Perhaps there will be pancakes, or snow fort building or snuggling together with a good chapter book. Perhaps there will be lively breakfast conversations and quality parent child interactions. Perhaps all the morning chores will be finished quickly and we could all build with Legos.



There will be: chaos. 

There will be missing socks, lost books, uncomfortable coats and bunchy sweaters. There will be at least one so lost in her book that she won’t even get dressed and another that laments her hair and everything about it. There will be yet another child looking for tiny Lego pieces,  and begging for help in finding a minuscule clear piece.

My coffee has gone cold. I am still looking for my jeans and a clean work shirt while trying to eat my breakfast. But instead, I must pause to find the mittens from last night’s snowy midnight playtime, which are hanging high above the woodstove.

I am still hungry and in pajamas. How can I give them a hard time for not getting dressed!? In the flash of  five minutes, I am dressed, stoke the woodstove, put away all the breakfast things and head out to start the car.

With two extra hours to get three children ready we have managed to get: one child in the car, but missing a lunch box, another child all packed, but without a coat, and the third child still looking for socks. A typical morning scene has unfolded.

Luckily, there is a full 20 minute window for arrival to school. Somehow, we manage to scrape the car windows and get out the driveway. We arrive at the inside edge of that window, on time.

Not a calm beginning, not quality parent/child bonding time. A regular entrance, to a promising (short) day.


6 thoughts on “Delay’s Promise

  1. Lately, especially… I’ve tried so hard to get everyone to pack the night before… Which can sometimes help lower the morning chaos…but by NO means prevents it… Because they don’t make a list and double and triple check it, we don’t have one spot for phones or if we tell ourselves we do, we don’t use it consistently, sometimes small people just walk out the door without the bag they packed (or, one of the many as the case may be….)… Unlimited scenarios. sigh.


    1. Crazy story was this morning they actually packed their own lunch boxes…and then STILL left them behind 5 minutes later! Lol. I can just hope they grow up to be slightly more conscientious then they are these days.


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