Love, pure clean love.

  I have spent (parts of) my evening working on a post about Friday and jugging the needs of children versus myself. I have looked deeply into how our weekend progresses and how I struggle with keeping everything in balance. I have chosen what seem to be just the right words and it is almost finished, a few finishing touches.

But this is not it.

As I took a break from my final edits, I scrolled through my Facebook feed and stumbled on a piece about Moms and phones, and our distraction from the small, growing being, right in front of us. Yes, I felt the guilt, the sadness, the realization that I need to do more, and be more, I need to try harder, watch more and give more.

I also felt love. Pure, clean, and wonderful love. Love for my three marvelous little people. 

As I work to find myself HERE within this garden of life that surrounds me, I pause and see love. The snuggles on the sofa, the time building Lego creations, the bedtime chit-chats and giggles, the heart-to-hearts as we drive, the nail polish and hair styling, the tea parties, the cozy morning slow sunrises from my bed, and the funny text messages filled with emojis back and forth are all our love.  

It all is part of the whole, bigger picture

Yes, there are struggles, (and I will share the Friday saga another time), there are tears, and limit pushing, there is lots of giving of myself. But, there is also lots that is given from them to ME. Without them, I would not be me. Momma to three amazing girls, growing right before my eyes.

So, for tonight, I end my crazy busy week, with a three day weekend looming, as well as the possibility of a huge snow storm, with cool clear water of love.

Pure love. 


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