Lost things and how to find them

 In our house, things get lost daily, perhaps even multiple times a day, perhaps even the same thing over and over.  

find: the library book, the star wars necklace, and two half finished valentines.

The first solution to finding these lost items appears to be to lament its disappearance, usually for at least ten minutes, if not more. The second choice is to look vaguely in the direction you were heading and then vaguely in the direction you came from. If neither of these options is available, then one must resort to feeling hopeless and unworthy of said item, and once again lamenting, perhaps with the addition of flopping on the floor, or nearest chair, with your head in your hands. Strangely, although these are the first choices (for the children) in my house, not many objects are actually found using any of these methods.

Generally, this continues for a while, depending on how tired, or hungry the child is, as well as how soon we need to  leave the house with said missing object. If our departure is imminent, then the flopping and lamenting will probably go on for at least ten minutes. Meanwhile, other children either ignore the spectacle and read a book, or perhaps try to draw information out of the weeping child as to where object was last seen.

A common object to be lost is whatever book each child is currently reading, (usually voraciously). Often it is forgotten completely, until that last possible moment, when we are checking the woodstove and grabbing lunch boxes as we head out the door. Suddenly, and with extreme fevor, the child will wail ‘Where’s my BOOK!’in a tone, I personally, would reserve for ‘I just lost my ARM!’. (And in effect it is much like an arm, as the book is an extension of their hand most of the day.)  


The kitchen counter: home to deoderant, flute and latest book being read
 To me, this seems a luxury that I do not ever have the time for, except for the rare, very occasional evening, when all three children are at sleep overs. Therefore, ALL  the books I might be in the middle of reading (though admittedly not voraciously) are easily found on my bed side table. The idea of carrying my book around, laying it on any semi-open surface, and then forgetting it, while I pack my share for the day, is completely unrelatable to me. Meaning, I do not have much patience for the poor, stricken child in desperate need of a ‘fun read’ to have with them at school or while grocery shopping.

On the other hand, the said object may be something I can relate better to, such as a winter coat, sneakers for the day, lunch box, or water bottle. In these cases, I tend to try to help find the object, while also locating all the items I need for the day. The funny thing is, the lost object is usually fairly easy to find, as it is often just laying on the kitchen counter (or even better hanging on its hook).  

find the winter coat and two backpacks


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