Some things never change

Several years ago, I started a web site, a blog and a home business. At the time my three children were barely in school full time. I have recently revisited this old blog and find myself laughing and completely relating. Here is one so such story which could have just been written yesterday!
Super lip gloss from Busy Bee Momma

Super Lip Gloss: 3/30/2013

Maine winters can be cold, but also dry. In our house we constantly have a wood stove chugging out heat 24/7. And at least three times a day I refill the black cast iron pot, that has made a permanent water ring on the stone stove. With three little people we also have many Chapsticks, but usually none to be found when you need it. If I thought to look in the toy box, the sofa cushions or the puzzle cupboard I might find ten. But usually I look on the kitchen counter, the bathroom accessories tray, or my purse. If I were to find one in any of these places, it would most likely not only be slightly mutilated, but also probably some very strange flavor like chocolate fudge, or strawberry-kiwi, or razzle-dazzle sparkle berry. None of which really appeals to me for putting on my face, directly under my nose, or to be seen in public with that much color or sparkly lip bling. 

After making it through one winter month with my own lips very dry and those of my children cracking and looking painful, I decided to stash a secret Chapstick in the kitchen. I found a spot nobody but me would think to look because of its height. It is slightly above the kitchen sink, on a small corner shelf that is eye level to me, and me only. It is too low to catch my husband’s attention and way out of the little people’s reach. Behind a decorative beer stein on this shelf, I stashed a plain black wrappered Chapstick. Now, when I see the children’s lips starting to dry and harden, I can sneak out the hidden stash, apply it myself to the affected daughter, and then quickly return it to the spot behind the beer stein. It is also there for those times when I might need a little lip healing before the corners of my mouth crack while trying to bite into my lunch in February. 

This has worked for most of the winter. But one day I was applying some nice plain, unflavored or colored Chapstick to my own self when I noticed the end was near. The bottom knob would turn and turn, but the top was not going to advance any further. For very selfish reasons, we made a stop at the local five and dime drug store on the way home from school that day. I bought everybody more Chapstick! There was green and red and blue tubes, enough for all the girls to each have one, and me as well. Obviously, their Chapsticks were flavored or sparkly, while mine was plain original, again. But for some reason, completely unbeknownst to my consciousness, I put my Chapstick into my jeans pocket, just like my three girls did.

Later that week, I remembered. And I needed something for my lips which were, of course, starting to dry out with a coming cold caught from one of my small germ factories. This is after many loads of laundry, many sittings on the couch, and plenty of going here, there and everywhere. Surprisingly, my Chapstick was not to be found; not in any pocket, bedside stand, kitchen countertop, crayon box, dollhouse or in any of the multitude of small purses that find their way to our house. I did find a green minty Chapstick, which worked well, but was a little spicy, actually. It did the trick for the time being, but would not replace my plain black wrapper. After using the green mint version, I left it on the living room coffee table for the children to find, and then argue over whom it actually, originally belonged to, and who was going to now lay full claim to owning and not sharing.

For the next week I fought off the mid-winter cold threatening to crack my lips. And I fought to find that replacement Chapstick I had bought. But I didn’t. Instead, I fixed several cracked teacups with superglue and loaded the whole family up with vitamin C to ward off the impending cold. The glue held, and the cups were filled with soothing tea that helped to cure the colds and the add steam to the dry winter air. 

Several weeks later, I absentmindedly reached for Chapstick in my old hiding spot. It had not magically returned itself, but I did find a tube of cracked lip sealer. The superglue.

Have I learned anything in these past three years? Have I increased the number of available lip balms in my secret spot? Have I started keeping multiple hiding spots? Have the children become more aware of putting things back  when they finish using them? Here it is midwinter once again. The season of seriously chapped lips is upon us with the bitter cold, sub-zero days. Have things changed? No, no they have not. (Although my personal choice in lip balm has changed brand.)  

local made, mom-business lip balm has replaced Chapstick

I still keep my lip balm in the same place, and just last week I found it strangely missing. This time, it was found in my jeans pocket as I had taken it to work. But today, I have once again lost MY lip balm and had to use bubblegum pink Baby Lips. And although my lips were pink and I had a strange yearning for Bubblicious, they were still dry.

But, I do now know where to look for a quick replacement or replenishment of my stash, that fourth (big) child has his own stash of Chapstick in his desk drawer at work.


4 thoughts on “Some things never change

  1. Oh my God, Katlin! I loved reading this. It is so relatable. I have so many chapsticks, eye reading glasses, scotch tapes, scissors, etc. It is only me using this stuff, and when I find the “one” that I really want, it is always such a sweet surprise.

    Your writing is so good!

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