It is coming

It is coming! What is coming? It is coming! What is coming?

You must be patient and then you will see. You must let go, and let it be. You must go with the flow. Let the seasons take their course. Be one with the universe. Stop fighting and striving and battling and it will come to you.

Deep in the earth, the ground is stirring. The sun shine is gaining strength. The birds are singing longer and louder. The snow is slowly receding.    The chickens can feel it and venture further from their house, sometimes getting stuck in a patch of green, surrounded by cold white expanses of snow. Then they must venture slowly and carefully over the frozen tundra to return to the softer earth. Or they suddenly take to flight, barely three feet off the ground as they leap from the hillside, trying to reach a thawed tract. 

The driveway is frozen, mud. The car leaves strangely morphed three dimensional impressions, resembling long dinosaur tracks, frozen in time. It is soft some afternoons as we slide in, but always thin, glassy, crackle in the morning as the car tires crunch through the glass-ice.   The return of life, small but hardy, reminds us that warmer days are coming. The sun will shine again  and the flowers will return, bringing butterflies and bees and beach days. New hope is flickering at the edges of the path.

 New beginning, new life, new opportunities, new directions to go if we choose to see them.  

 “Little Johny Jump-Up said it must be spring. I just saw a lady bug and heard a robin sing.”


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