Rough around the edges

It has been a little rough around here the past couple weeks. Vacation didn’t really help to calm things or to even out the daily stresses of life. Our world is hectic and busy, not just the Mom-Taxi, but the chores, the lists and the piles of stuff to deal with every day.

Tonight we had two ballet classes, back to back, a basketball practice, with a total time change, and of course homework and chores. The chickens needed the new bag of food taken down to the coop, the woodstove needed to be stoked and wood brought into the house, dinner wasn’t even going to happen which means fast food of some type, and to top it all off we had run out of bread when I made lunches  which either meant make some or squeeze in a trip to the store (with three little dragons in toe). 

Upon arriving at home, I heard the sighs, the foot stomping, the whining, the angst and the anger, when I asked them to quickly get out if the car and in to our afternoon.  And I was done. I couldn’t take it anymore. Too many frustrating afternoons, mornings and weekends. “That’s it! No more driving and packing and trying to do it all!” But I am quite sure only half of them believed me. (As I checked the mail, unloaded a backpack and the 50 pound chicken food, the. Went back out for that load of wood.)

But then I stopped. A little brown head snuggled up into my puffy coat and said “I’m sorry”. A blond beauty disappeared into the laundry room and emerged with a towering basket of laundry that she carried up the stairs to put away. And a pair of soft brown eyes looked up at me and asked if I she could just have a cliff bar for a snack, so she could get ready for practice quicker.

We skipped a few lessons, and worked together to get ourselves turned around and back out the door. The laundry might not all be in the correct drawers, the classes were missed, the lunch boxes still aren’t unpacked/repacked for tomorrow. But we all had smiles and cheerful attitudes as we pulled out of the driveway on time, maybe even early.

To celebrate our mini conquering of today, we went out, as a whole family, for dinner. We played eye-spy waiting for our food, we giggled over Momma and Papa stealing French fries, we arrived home with time for a little cuddles and homework. And we breathed. 

After arriving home, I still started a load of laundry, stoked the stove, closed up the chicken coop, emptied the water bottles, sorted through the school  folders and made bread for lunches.


fresh from the oven and topped with butter
 I even got inspired and set two pans of cinnamon rolls to rise in the fridge overnight for breakfast…

all set to rise, ready to start a new day…



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