Appeasing the twelve year old 

At one moment big, the next small. Needing space but close by, like a two year old with mood swings.

The rollercoaster of emotions, hers-mine, intermingled; vying for space and acknowledgment.

I was once her age, but was I like her? Not nearly as much poise, never such attitude (at least not at that age)

Dancing around, finding the edges, pushing and pulling the limits, of elasticity, of the darkness and the light

Upon my lap, she is heavy, solid; but yet needing…needing what?

Across the water she is free, radiant, clear, Laughter. 

Watching her, I grow, nostalgic. Contemplative.  

The bringer of peace. The angel. The left shoulder of Virgo. The solid star which I rotate around.  

Glimpses of strength, hidden by her own strength of reticence. 

A jumble of emotions, bubbling forth at once loud, shy, angry, ecstatic, exhausted, and full.

The path is clear and murky. But we will find it. Together.


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