The moment

You can’t capture the moment. The high peeping of chicks on the dinning room table (who keeps chicks in the table!) The circles from suction cup lights stuck on the window (doesn’t she ever wash the windows), or the water colored silk sun capture spinning briefly all connect and bring reality together. What I really love is the light on the delicate pink blossoms of the begonia, the shadows of the yet to flower cherry tree on the upper window pane and the sunlight dancing gently on my  yellow t-shirt. I see the peace, but there is not time to relish, to frolic in the calm.

Many, many days I see a scene and start to write in my head. But the moments are so fleeting, so quick, and also too realistic, too messy to share. By the time I pick up the pencil, find the paper, or open the app, another moment is upon me and desperate for my attention. The children, the chickens, the house, the wood stove, time for school or work or practice. The moment slips through…

But just this once, I tried. I took a chance and flew by the seat of my pants. 

As the moment of peace changes, so must I. Dinner must be stirred, the children redirected in their ‘cleaning’ and the fire built to keep out the evening chill. 

I am indeed more peaceful though, even for just this moment. Thank you, world. Thank you, muse. Thank you. I will carry this with me to share and to hold. 


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