Missing piece

I miss you.

Today is the four day mark, when I am over  all the spaciousness of our bed, tired of the single parenting, and done with cooking for only little people who don’t really want to eat it anyway. 

I have not yet reached the searching for pictures of you, somewhere on your trip, that will be around day seven. The kids might start asking Monday though. A count down will start in their dry erase boards. I have been counting down in my head since before you even left. 

Today, I just miss you.

The kids have been good. The animals not too much work. I have kept them all fed and the kitchen is even somewhat clean. The laundry is getting done and the fire gets lit each morning, with the great kindling you left for me. Bedtime is not quite as regular, but with vacation, everybody gets a break.  

It was great to see your smile on FaceTime today. I could see you are getting tired, or maybe it is just the five hour time difference. 

I thought of you a lot today. I brought in more firewood and cleaned the leaves and sticks from the driveway. I trimmed back the wild roses and dragged them to the burn pile. We can have a bonfire after you return. That makes me smile.

I changed the sheets and vacuumed the floor and folded all the blankets on the sofa. Probably it is neater than when your home! 

Keeping busy. 

I miss you. 


One thought on “Missing piece

  1. I love you Baby. I miss you too. It is not all fu and games. I am tired, and mostly I just miss you.

    The messes are you, the crazyness of schedule, is you. The order, and dinner every night, is you. I love you and I miss you. I cannot wait to wrap you in my arms and just hug you. You are my wife, my companion and my best friend. I love you. Xoxoxoxox

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