Bees Knees

Bees, gardens, bee stings, the birds and the bees, children, family life, all a slowly forming world I am creating. There is not a lot in my day that is just for me. There is much family, love, caring, giving and sharing. But, I seem to have gotten lost in the beautiful garden of my own making.
As the dawn of 2016 approached I began thinking, as many people did, what are my goals for the year? How do I hope to make myself better? Will I be able to keep up whatever ‘resolutions’ I make? 

I juggle the jobs of mother, wife, worker, and self employed gardener. My life is busy, very busy. But do we really need to always be busy? Being busy is a choice. I am now choosing to not be busy, if only for a few moments to stop and reflect. And maybe while I reflect I will find me and my bees knees.

Bees knees, to me, mean taking the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the life I have grown. I mean to really stop, to watch the children, but also pause to fill up my cup with the honey of my life.

Now I am slowing down, reflecting and being sure I am choosing my flowers wisely in this garden.